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All right!

Listen up and listen good, you sick freaks! I don't know what kind of stupid joke you bastards are trying to pull, but it ends here, right now!

[For those nearby, in the forest Kiba and Hinata have found themselves in, they might be able to hear or even witness the heated broadcast first-hand. Otherwise, their voices and an occasional camera snapshot is going to be all available to the casual or curious listener. Even so, the journal's camera might be just useful enough to capture the current moment: Hinata, who is just behind Kiba, has a worried look on her face in contrast to Kiba's absolutely livid one. When Hinata starts to talk, her voice is soft and incomparable to Kiba's challenging tone.] Um, Kiba-kun…?

[If Kiba heard her, he shows no indication of it, his voice a frustrated snarl.] Where is he?! Where. Is. Akamaru?


[Kiba voice lowers, though it loses little of its emotional edge.] If you people have hurt him, I’ll—I’ll—

Kiba-kun, please. [This time, Hinata's voice is louder than her first few attempts. She even puts a gentle hand on his shoulder to get his attention, if not to calm the angry ninja. Kiba stops, and the journals might detect a brief pause as Kiba turns his head to regard her, his voice softening, though it's still sharp and brittle.]


[She's startled to silence for a beat or two before she composes herself and gives that shoulder a very soft squeeze of reassurance.] I just think you- you should calm down for a while... Akamaru-kun shouldn't be too far and I think we can find him if we look hard enough. Would you mind if I- if I address the citizens of this place instead?

[There's a pause that's soon followed by a rustle of sound as the journal changes hands. The grimace on his face is almost detectable.] All right. Fine. You do it. Doesn't matter to me anyway.

[When Hinata receives his journal, she gives him a small smile of thanks. Unlike Kiba's previous address, Hinata's attempt will be gentle and polite.] To— To anyone who has seen a tall white dog, he belongs to my friend. Please, we'd like to have him back. Whoever took him, Akamaru-kun is part of our team and we will not stand around until we find him. We will also—

[Then Kiba's voice suddenly cuts in from a small distance away.] You tell those bastards that if they've done anything, and I mean anything, to him, I'll make them regret it! I'll find them and shove these stupid, goddamn wings down their throats! Don't think I won't!

[She gives him an understanding smile. He's going through a lot and if she was the one who had someone precious to her taken away, she'd be distressed too. Turning to the journal again, Hinata continues her diplomatic speech with a more determined face that even the camera likely captures.]—not hesitate to perform necessary procedures if we ever discover that he is injured or hurt.

Thank you.

[And the feed snaps off with an audible click. Though those within the forest might still come upon them, perhaps just after their broadcast as they talk on the ground floor, or perhaps sometime later as they jump from tree to tree in rapid, though attentive haste, pausing every little while to rest briefly.]


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